P.K. Steffen

Digital Print

{view} Untitled images from the series BBC, 2004, 57 x 40 inches each

{view} Erased portraits from the series Proof, 2001, 45 x 36 inches each

{view} Teresa, 2001, dimensions variable

{view} Logic Chart, 2000, dimensions variable

{view} Burn, 1998, 76 x 43.5 inches

All selections require the free Quicktime plug-in.

{view} Vista, 3.2 MB, mini dv video, 2001

{view} Hover, 3 MB, mini dv video, 2000

{view} Lush, 1.4 MB, VHS video projection / installation, 1998

{view} Instant, 1.4 MB, 5 monitor VHS video installation, 1998

Previews are in Quicktime format.

{preview} {download} Dejeunner, screen saver for Mac OS, 2000, 1.2 MB

{preview} {download} Blue, interactive screen saver for Mac, 2000, 2.3 MB

{preview} {download} White, screen saver for Mac OS, 2000, 430K

{preview} {download} Hover, screen saver for Mac OS, 2000, 7 MB

Resume / Statement

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Contact: P.K. Steffen

All artwork © P.K. Steffen, 2004, all rights reserved