Super Cooperative began in April of 1995 as Our goal was to increase the technological literacy of artists by sharing knowledge via the Net. Our first digital art collaborations began in 1994 via e-mail and newsgroup posts of text, images and quicktime movies. Projects included artists from around the world such as then Seattle-based Brad Brace. went through several incarnations {v.1} {v.2} {v.3}. In 2001 we changed our named to Super Cooperative and registered the domains &


P.K. Steffen: Founder of Super Cooperative and Heimat.
P.K. Steffen is an artist based in San Francisco who has been producing art on the Net since 1994. He regularly lectures to art groups, colleges and universities on how to create your own digital portfolio, how to host it for free and how to produce digital video and multimedia art. For more info, please contact: P.K. Steffen

Michael Herrmann: Member since 1995.
Michael is a photgrapher and founding member based in Tucson, Arizona. Contact: Michael Herrmann.

We hope that visitors to Super Cooperative will pass on any info they learn here to local artists and in turn keep the network growing. Join the team, post tutorials to our DIY section, suggest a URL for our links section or contribute to our discussion topics.

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For optimal "archival" viewing of our site we recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better running on a Power Mac with the free plug-ins Quicktime, Flash and Acrobat installed and a 17" monitor. was originally created on a IIci (similar to a 386/486) with an 80 MB hard drive, 14" monitor and 14.4K modem.