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DIY is one of the sections where we share information. If you have a special bit of knowledge in any topic related to art or computers, please help us grow this section by contributing.

Currently all of the documents in this section are handouts from P.K. Steffen's lectures which are based on the Mac platform. However, almost all the software in the demos is cross platform and the differences between platforms has become far less significant. We hope that you find them of use.

Please Note: All materials are © copyright 2001 P.K. Steffen and the artists of Super Cooperative.

digital portfolio

{view pdf} {example} Web portfolio with no knowledge of HTML, 96k

{view pdf} {example} Portfolio in Flash, 370k

{view pdf} Print portfolio in Quark, 250k

{view pdf} Video slideshow in Final Cut Pro 2, 380k


{view pdf} {example} Editing your Web portfolio, 320k

{view pdf} {example} Photo novella in DW4, 240k


{view pdf} {example} Simple rollovers in FW4, 350k


{view pdf} Flash 5 notes, 160k

{view pdf} Importing sound in Flash, 78k

{view pdf} {example} Motion Trails in Flash, 225k

{view pdf} {example} Slide show and screen saver in Flash, 270k

mac basics

{view pdf} Mac networking with OS 8.6, 285k

{view pdf} Modifying the Mac at start up, 38k

{view pdf} Screen captures on the Mac OS, 140k

{view pdf} Slide labels in MS Word, 215k


{view flash} Image modes & formats, 2.4 MB

{view pdf} Retouching and editing, 340k

{view pdf} Saving for the Web, 85k

{view pdf} Scanning & resolution, 39k

{view flash} Scan calculator, 6k


{view pdf} {examples} Large inkjet or laser prints in Illustrator, 69k


{view pdf} 10 points for successful web construction, 38k

{view pdf} Creating a simple web site, 400k

{view pdf} Export video for the Web with Cleaner 5, 130k

{view pdf} Notes from HTML in 30 minutes, 39k

{view pdf} {examples} Quicktime VR with Photovista, 75k

{view html} Web safe hexadecimal colour chart

DIY documents are provided in Acrobat PDF format. Download the free Acrobat reader for PC and Mac.

do it yourself